Charity Navigator Rating – Peter Popoff Ministries

If you search for “Peter Popoff Ministries” in the Charity Navigator’s search engine, you will get a blank page.

However, the page has been cached and you can view it here. I present the information as given on the cached page for your perusal.

In the interest of informing the public of information that they find interesting or which Peter Popoff may wish the public not to know about, I excercise the right to repost this information. If I receive notification from Charity Navigator to remove this page, I will do so. However, I will first send copies of this page to everyone who asks.

Peter Popoff Ministries
P.O. Box 760
Upland, CA 91785
tel: (909) 920-3723
Contact email:
Visit Web Site

Current Rating
Overall Rating 3 out of 4 stars (51.07)
Organizational Efficiency
Program Expenses 60.7%
Administrative Expenses 19.5%
Fundraising Expenses 19.7%
Fundraising Efficiency $0.17 (they spend 17 cents to raise $1)
Efficiency Rating (26.07)

Organizational Capacity
Primary Revenue Growth 45.6%
Program Expenses Growth 42.7%
Working Capital Ratio (years) 0.24
Capacity Rating (25.00)

Income Statement (FYE 12/2005)


Primary Revenue $23,391,254
Other Revenue $165,215
Total Revenue $23,556,469


Program Expenses $12,448,168
Administrative Expenses $4,010,066
Fundraising Expenses $4,039,353
Total Functional Expenses $20,497,587

Payments to Affiliates $0
Excess (or Deficit) for the year $3,058,882

Net Assets $8,216,921

Leadership (FYE 12/2005)

Name: Peter Popoff
Position: President
Compensation: $628,732
Percentage of Expenses: 3.06%

Name: Elizabeth Popoff
Title: Executive Business Administrator
Compensation: $203,029
Percentage of Expenses: 0.99%

Name: Nickolas Popoff
Title: Director
Compensation: $182,166
Percentage of Expenses: 0.88%

Name: Amy Cardiff
Title: Vice President of Administration
Compensation: $176,290
Percentage of Expenses: 0.86%

Donor Privacy Policy
YES, this charity has a written donor privacy policy.

Peter Popoff Ministries ministers the good news of the Gospel around the world, using every means at our disposal to proclaim to the world that Jesus is Savior, Baptizer, Healer, and soon-coming King. Since our incorporation, we have been extremely active in several areas of ministry, including the following: publications, media, crusades, missions, and mail. Over two and a half million books, pamphlets and newsletters are published and mailed each year to constituencies all around the world; the television ministry of Reverend Peter Popoff and Elizabeth Popoff is carried by satellite around the world; the teaching, preaching, and deliverance ministry of Reverend Peter Popoff is taken to major cities throughout the United States, Canada, and the world via crusades.


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