dprjones’ “Peter Popoff Challenge”

On 4 April 2009, YouTube user dprjones posted “The Peter Popoff Challenge” as a small way to frustrate Peter Popoff’s attempt to swindle the gullible and desperate masses that he reaches out to everyday via his television infomercials. Here is that video:

Entries would be judged by: dprjones, mikefoz, terrarising, stefzula and JRChadwick. As other YouTubers made responses to this video, they were all judged for comedic content and originality. One of the judges, terrarising, posted a video explaining his reasons for participating

As dprjones was suspended from YouTube for several days, the judging was interrupted and the video responses to the initial challenge were lost. However, the judges were able to go by memory and many of the responses are still posted. Ultimately, a winner was chosen, with some assistance from JaguarJOnes who provided technical expertise via the Miracle Spring Water and Hocus-Pocus Claims Department of the JaguarJOnes Institute.

YouTube user qdragon1337 posted this video and is the Official Winner of “The Peter Popoff Challenge”. I have posted the video below.

Congratulations, qdragon1337! The WINRAR is YOU!!!


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