Made A Few Changes

In case you have previously visited and think that the blog looks different now: you are correct.

Since new information comes my way frequently, I realized that valuable information can get buried fairly quickly.

  1. contact information for television stations and networks that broadcast Peter Popoff have been merged into a single page and placed in a link at the top of the blog;
  2. Contact information for government and advocacy organizations where you can file complaints against Popoff was moved to a page;
  3. the pages Why I Am Doing This, Dedication and Contact Me were merged into a single page and titled About Me. This blog isn’t about me, it is dedicated to the fight against Peter Popoff. Once Popff is off-the-air and in permanent retirement and obscurity, there will no longer be a reason for this blog to exist and it will probably be shutdown. But, rather than deal with questions about my motivations, as well as give people a way to contact me, I have the About Me page to answer those questions.

One final point and this is directed to Peter Popoff, his family, his friends, his employees and his supporters who intend to contact me and tell me to shut this blog down immediately or want to tell me how I am interfering with the Freedom of Religion or how I am persecuting Christians or similar things: Please watch the video below to receive your answer.


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