Popoff Booted from Australian TV

It seems that Peter Popoff has been permab& from Australia’s Channel Nine.

I so love Australia, right now.


The ailing insomniac’s best friend, the Reverend Peter Popoff, has had his early-morning television infomercials referred to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for potential inclusion on its ScamWatch website by the NSW Fair Trading Minister, Virginia Judge. Popoff, a self-styled “faith healer” exposed by the American sceptic James Randi on camera on the American ABC network in 2007, spruiks “free Miracle Spring Water” on his 3am slots. But he appears to have mysteriously vanished from the Channel Nine schedule after ABC TV’s Media Watch asked whether Nine was pocketing a fee for screening the half-hour Peter Popoff Ministries.”

Source: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/a-big-week-for-schapelle-corby-20090525-bjn9.html?page=-1


2 Responses to Popoff Booted from Australian TV

  1. howdydoody77 says:

    He’s back!!! Now on the Discovery Network with assanine predictions of making foreclosures, cancer, you name it, go away. He is an embarassment to the religious and scam artist community. Amazing he hasn’t been indicted by the FCC or the networks that allow him to scam people. Just a google search took me here. Trying to help stupid people keep their money and advertisers vet their clients more thoroughly. Good luck

  2. Anonymous says:

    I saw his program, I thought I was really experiencing something good. But I was fooled, he is only trying to get more money for his program and not really helping people recover their faith. The only true god can heal the cancers and heart problems we face in our lives.

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