To Begin June 6th: “Operation Downfall”

I am officially announcing the beginning of “Operation Downfall“, as far as I know, it will be the first organized effort to have Peter Popoff’s programs removed from the airwaves in the USA, Canada and the UK at the same time.

As with the original Operation Downfall (the cancelled American invasion of the Japanese mainland in World War Two), this campaign will consist of two parts: Operation Olympic and Operation Coronet.

During Operation Olympic, everyone who wishes to participate is asked to begin contacting the stations that air Peter Popoff’s infomercials. Emails, postal letters, faxes and phone calls are just as good. Everyone who wishes to participate is encouraged to spread the word among your friends and family to also send complaints to TV stations and networks.

Make sure to contact the Programming Department, since they are actually responsible for what that station puts on the air.

If you contact a local station, make sure to also contact the station’s owners to give your complaint more weight.

Certain networks – The Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, The Word Network, MyNetwork TV and TV ONE – may be easier to convince to remove Popoff from their lineup. However, the Black Entertainment Television (BET) is the network that airs the most Popoff infomercials during the week and may be more difficult.

BET seems to have an affinity for selling broadcast time to disgraced preachers. Aside from Popoff, they also broadcast Leroy Jenkins, Don Stewart and Robert Tilton. Obviously, BET has little apparent qualms of selling airtime to people like this. In fact, it appears that Tilton is the source of the idea for Popoff to send little trinkets in the mail to potential donors, as he was doing this back in his own heyday.

Whatever the case may be, the first few weeks of this may see some successes, but it appears unlikely that BET would let go of Popoff, given their practise of allowing other similar preachers to buy airtime. So, a more organized action in regards to BET will be put-off until a later date, though you should still send in your complaints.

If Peter Popoff broadcasts from a local station in your State or Province (in the USA or Canada) write letters to the editors of your local newspapers drawing attention to the fact that Popoff is being broadcast locally and asking readers to send their complaints to the station as well. Post on Craigslist “Rant & Raves” or in any other local forum.

Make people aware of Popoff’s history. The vast majority of people will be initially unaware and will react with shock and disgust at the fact that such a person who was publicly revealed as a fraud years ago would not only come back to the same profression, but would be so financially rewarded as a result.

Contact your local Council of Churches or similar organization and ask for them to lend their voice to this campaign. Find Christian groups who are active in fighting fraud and abuse from the pulpit and ask for them to join the fight.

While so many people know about Peter Popoff, there has never been an single organized effort to remove him from the airwaves. The complaint, here and there, makes little difference. But, if complaints start coming in and keep coming in for weeks, the situation would be much different.

Depending on the results of Operation Olympic, Operation Coronet should begin in a few weeks. While Olympic will be pretty basic – contacting stations and their owners – Coronet will be more complex and may take longer than Olympic does. But, we will see about that when Olympic concludes.

If you get replies from TV stations or networks that they no longer air Popoff or they plan to remove him from their broadcasting lineup, please contact me, so I can update the blog. If you receive a reply from them that basically tells you to get lost, let me know about that also.

This Saturday, June 6th, the anniversary of the D-Day landings at Normandy in 1944, we begin the job of removing Peter Popoff from the airwaves and back into obscurity. When the stations’ staff and department heads return to work Monday morning, I am hopeful that they will see hundred of emails in their Inboxes, phone messages in the voicemail and a pile of letters on their desks.

If we get it started and keep it going, we can finally rid the airwaves of Peter Popoff. This cannot be done by any single person, it can only be accomplished by getting as many people as possible working for the common goal.

All the contact information you require is on this blog.

Let’s get started.

On June 6, 2009, the pwnage begins and if we succeed, it will be epic!


One Response to To Begin June 6th: “Operation Downfall”

  1. searching says:

    I am searching for the background history of Peter Popoff’s father. HIs name was also Peter Popoff but the spelling may have been Peter Popov. I believe he was an orthodox minister who suffered greatly in many prison camps during world war II, though while in prison he led many to Christ. He was taken out of his home in the night, and the family was thrown in the streets. He led the underground church, through memorized scripture after escaping. He was later reunited with his wife and children. Afterwards he came to America to send Bibles back. I have been unable to find out any other information. Can you help?

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