Latest News on Peter Popoff

It seems that Peter Popoff has lost a number of venues.

Six TV stations in Canada and 13 in the United States have removed Popoff from their programming schedules.

Likewise, Popoff’s infomercials no longer air in either Australia or New Zealand.

There are so many people who can – and should – take a bow for getting this done. I would like to give credit to dprjones, who got me inspired to start with this blog.

You can see the video I posted with the current situation on Popoff.


3 Responses to Latest News on Peter Popoff

  1. Lionese Robinson says:

    What standard of integrity is exibited when BET, a station designed to uplift the Black community, allow false prophetics like Peter Popoff to fill our living rooms and our hearts with lying, greedy promises?…This man is the reason thousand of viewers, many of which are either terminally ill or elderly, are praying and still dying believing in a miracle to free them from the curses and things that has eluded our society for centuries, poverty! Why would we contribute to bounding our people to their demise resulting from contributing to this man’s scheme? He preys on the elderly and uses them for his own selfish gain. His reputation succeeds him, or do you not care! My mother, 82 years old, have been paying this man despite our warnings for years, believing in his prophesy. She was told that her grandchildren would be delivered, then the last one was a good one; she would get a million dollars delivered to her home on August 16, 2010. I have shown her clips of Pokoff’s deceit but she believed this man was being used by God. Good Christian woman, scammed by this dirtbag of a man! Several thousands of her dollars from her fixed income mind you, months of insufficient funds in her bank which was to be used for her basic needs ie; shelter, food and utilities, and 4 seizures stressing waiting for her promised miracles have now rendeered her shame that she unknowingly began to believe Popoff was hearing from God on her behalf. Now, anything he ever promised has still not come to pass. It is November 20 and that day, nor either miracle for that matter, has ever come. He is such a rip off and so is BET for allowing this man to aire. We should not have to be subjected to this kind of broadcasting. It is killing all that God designed for his chosen people. What a scam! I am ashamed of BET. God blessed the way for you to reach Black America and you have betrayed us and God…I pray that He spiral you out of broadcast for using his blessing to curse his name….I have made a decision to ban BET in my home and will work to expose you to others.

  2. Anonymous says:

    bet is owned by white america thats why there have to air such programs

  3. J.C. says:


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