Filing Official Complaints

YouTube user dprjones has posted another video in the camapign against Peter Popoff and his scams. dprjones asks for contact information of government bodies to which to official complaints against Peter Popoff related to his infomercials being broadcast in various countries. You can view it here

I will add the contact information as it is received from video messages and I will contact dprjones for information that he receives via PM from respondants. Eventually, we will have such a comprehensive list that you will be able to file complaints against Popoff, regardless of in which country you see his broadcasts.

Anywhere in the World

Consumer Fraud Reporting (CFR)

The Ripoff website


Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission


Better Business Bureau:

Consumers’ Association of Canada:




The Broadcasting Complaints Commission

The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland

New Zealand

Consumer Affairs





Om Konsumentverket

United Kingdom

Trading Standards Institute


The Advertising Standards Authority

The Office of Fair Trading

United States

The Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Communications Commission

The Better Business Bureau (there are also departments in most States)

The US Department of Justice

The US Attorney’s Office

Consumer Action

Senate  Committee on Finance


3 Responses to Filing Official Complaints

  1. Well written write-up, please keep it up !!

  2. Damon Eisenbrey says:

    HasPopoff been sued in the US? It is clear fraud and he apparently makes appearances in the US so service would not be hard. And if such service is avoided nor nor appearance is made at trial, judgment could be entered and during the debt collection, a warrant could be issued for his refusal to appear on the debtor examination… Also, the TV stations must be held accountable, and despite their disclaimers, no jury would let them off the hook. Lets sue this sick person hurting and damaging so many others….

  3. Lori and Kevin says:

    My Husband is a disabled Veteran who has been harassed by this idiot. He threatens with bad things happening if you don’t follow what he has to say.I am so irritated by this man. My husband has been going through a very rough time, and was seeking prayer and support, instead of receiving what he was seeking, he was threatened and told that The only way to receive blessings is by paying anywhere from 10.00-800.00, and guaranteed healing within 21days. THIS preacher needs to be on his knees begging the Lord for forgiveness for all of the people he has taken advantage of, as well as any in the future who fall for this scam.

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