Latest News on Peter Popoff

27 September 2009

It seems that Peter Popoff has lost a number of venues.

Six TV stations in Canada and 13 in the United States have removed Popoff from their programming schedules.

Likewise, Popoff’s infomercials no longer air in either Australia or New Zealand.

There are so many people who can – and should – take a bow for getting this done. I would like to give credit to dprjones, who got me inspired to start with this blog.

You can see the video I posted with the current situation on Popoff.


Junk Popoff Sent Somebody

10 May 2009

Another WordPress blogger has displayed his collection of crap that Peter Popoff sent him in the mail.

You have to wonder two things:

  1. What must go through some one’s mind to think-up things like this?
  2. What kind of intellectually-challenged person would actually believe the claims made by Peter Popoff about these items and put them into practise as Popoff suggests?

His collection is divided into three parts and you can view them by clicking on the following links:

  1. Junk Peter Popoff Sent Me: Part 1
  2. Junk Peter Popoff Sent Me: Part 2
  3. Junk Peter Popoff Sent Me: Part 3

These posts are about a year old. The first two were posted in May 2008 and the third in July 2008, so they are a bit dated and Popoff may have discontinued using these props. But, the fact that he used them in the first place and was still able to generate large amounts of income for himself and his family shows the depths to which this man and his family will sink and how stupid they think people are that they would believe that these objects have some kind of Divine Power.

But, since he did use them and managed to generate income for himself and his family shows that too many people are, in fact, gullible enough to fall for them.

However, I know some things about human nature. When people are desperate, when they are facing financial ruin or catastrphic illness or some kind of personal problem that seems to have no human solution, people become so desperate enough that they will try anything. They will trust anyone and will do whatever they are told to do which will supposedly cure their problems. People want to believe in miracles and they want to believe a miracle can happen in their lives. As such, they turn to charlatans like Popoff and put their trust in people like him to help them when nothing else seems to work

When I saw a video of one of Popoff’s crusades and saw the old and the sick who filled the auditorium, seeking cures for cancer, arthritis and other debilitating illnesses, my heart went out to them. The sight of the little boy in crutches who desperately wanted to be healed brought tears to my eyes. If I had the Power, I would have healed them all myself and I wouldn’t have asked them for money. Just the sight of that little boy walking home without his crutches would have been enough for me.

But, I don’t have the Power and neither does Popoff. Knowing that he is simply feeding on their fears and desperation for his own gain fills me with such RAGE that I can barely contain myself.


Australia’s MediaWatch Exposes Popoff to the Nation

9 May 2009

Here is a link to the Western Australia website ScamNet and their article about Peter Popoff.

Peter Popoff Loses Internet On-Demand Channel

9 May 2009

Even though Popoff’s website lists as the Internet station where Popoff’s programs are available for in-demand viewing, the website appears to be offline. The website’s registration expired on 11 January 2009 and is pending either renewal or deletion.

Most of Popoff’s money comes from his TV programs. If the webcast was making money for him, he would have found another venue.

I will keep you informed of future developments.

Peter Popoff: A History of Fraud

7 May 2009

Peter Popoff was a well-known televangelist in the 1980s. He claimed to have God-given powers that allowed him to heal people of various afflictions, including arthritis, cancer and others.

At his mass-meetings, he seemed to have the amazing ability to known the names, home addresses, illnesses and other personal details of the people who attended. When he was exposed as a fraud on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, as a result of an investigation by James Randi, Popoff soon decalred bankruptcy and faded into obscurity.

Watch this video for a better understanding of what I am talking about

Now, Peter Popoff is back again and apparently up to his old tricks. Peter Popoff Miracle Ministry is his new flagship website and has Popoff’s infomercial airing in all fifty US States, in Canada and in Europe.

This blog was created to serve its part in the battle against Popoff and his exploitation of people’s fears, insecurities and gullibility.

I am not the only person fighting Popoff and his scams. I only hope to be able to do my part.

This blog will serve as a guidepost, so that interested persons will know who to contact in a collective effort to have television stations around the US, Canda and Europe remove him from their station/network program schedule. Popoff’s major source of income is from his TV infomercials. By cutting-off that supply of money, perhaps we can send Popoff back to the obscurity he so richly deserves.