Please Do Not Vandalize Wikipedia

3 June 2009

I was looking over the Wikipedia article for Peter Popoff, which you can see here, and I checked the history section to see how the article has been updated recently.

To my dismay, I noticed that some users had inserted insults toward Popoff in the body of the main article, which other users and mods had to revert.

If you are tempted to do something similar to the Wikipedia article, I sincerely ask you to reconsider that approach. The Wikipedia article, without the personal attacks, is a good first step for otherwise uninformed people to learn about Popoff’s history. Only an unbiased and factual approach to understanding Popoff’s personal and business history can be helpful in having him removed from the airwaves.

If you absolutely must post insults against Popoff on a wiki somewhere, you can visit the Encyclopedia Dramatica page here and try to make some additions of your own. Please remember that ED users and mods will judge every addition for its lulziness, rather than its factuality. If your additions do not promote lulz, they will likely be removed.

Wikipedia is not perfect, but I feel that it is a good source of information for people looking for answers in a short period of time and the mods do work very hard to keep the articles factual and based on a neutral point of view.

Again, please no vandalism at Wikipedia.