Popoff’s Television Venues

The source of this information comes directly from Peter Popoff’s own TV schedule from his website. I looked-up the station contact information myself.

Please bear in mind that some of these stations may have already dropped Popoff from their program schedule, so please be polite when communicating with them. It won’t do any good to antagonize TV stations where Popoff no longer has programs being aired.

The majority of the locations are covered by cable networks airing Popoff’s infomercials. Please contact those networks directly. This list will change as new information becomes available.


National Coverage

Global TV Networks Stations

This is a nationwide network of television stations across Canada and you can find all of their collective and individual contact information on the same webpage

British Columbia








Local stations Broadcasting Popoff



Contact FOX Network by email askfox@fox.com

Contact MyNetwork here.


Cable Networks

Peter Popoff buys time on various cable networks. Use the email addresses provided or click on the link to go to their Contact page. Make sure that you direct your email to the Programming Department.

Black Entertainment Television (BET) contactus@bet.com

The Travel Channel

The Learning Channel

The Word Network



One Response to Popoff’s Television Venues

  1. Ilan Goddard says:

    Thanks for offering this website, not only as a sounding board but as a means to stop Popoff’s deception and fraud.

    Would it be possible to attach a limited list of sponsors for the stations who carry Popoff to use as leverage for stations who carry his program? I’d like to be able to write that I will no longer affiliate myself with a station’s other sponsors as long as they continue to carry Popoff”s program.

    Thank you.

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